Prime Rib Dinner Package

Our Prime Rib Dinner Packages is priced based on the market price of Prime Beef.  Please contact us for quote.  The Prime Rib Dinner Package includes the following:

Delicious Baked Prime Rib

Two (2) Side Dishes from our Side Dishes menu
  • See our Side Dish menu for selections:   

One (1) Salad option from our Salads menu
  • See our Salad menu for selections

Two (2) Salad Dressings from our Salads menu
  • See our Salad Dressing menu for selections

Deserts are priced separately based on availability.  Call us for more information.

Catering Package 1 is served buffet style and includes one (1) hour of wait service, dinner rolls, ice tea (unsweetened), paper plates, cups & utensils. Glass dishware available for extra charge.